Supplying commercial kitchens across the UK

Flexible, responsive and personalised service 

Established in 1990, we have over twenty years’ experience of producing frozen meal components and entrées for use in the food service sector.

We are a family business and many of our key staff have been with us since day one. Like us, they share our commitment to ensuring that the last product that we produce is just as good as the first.

Our objective is to make certain that every product we manufacture is made to a consistent standard that assures that our customers are able to provide their customers with top quality entrées.

We offer a service that is flexible, responsive and personalised, that maintains a focus on product quality, and exceeding both the demands of clients and regulatory demands.

In order to ensure that we remain in control of all the steps in the production process, we manufacture on a daily basis and hold finished goods on site so that we can guarantee that our products are kept in an ideal condition; right up until they leave us en route to our customers.

Our sales team works alongside our customers to ensure that we meet their needs and provide a service that doesn’t just meet their needs, but exceeds their expectations.