Flattened for ease of cooking and coated in a crunchy crumb giving a golden brown appearance when cooked.

Cooking Instructions:

Turkey Plain and Simple:

Gas mark 6

approx 20 mins

Oven Bake: cook from frozen. Place on a lightly greased baking tray in pre heated oven 210-220ºC, gas mark 6, for approx.20 mins.


 180 ºC

approx 4 mins

Deep fat fry: cook from frozen at 180 ºC for approx. 4 mins.Ensure product is cooked before serving.


Pork Plain and Simple:

frying pan

2-3 mins

Pan fry: cook from frozen, in hot oil or butter, for approximately 2 – 3 minutes each side, turning frequently, until golden brown and fully cooked.


180 ºC

3 mins

Deep fat fry: cook from frozen at 180 ºC for approximately 3 minutes.


Chicken Escalope Plain and Simple

Flattened Chicken breast escalope simply coated in crumb.

This item is available in many varieties, such as Parmigiana.

Turkey Escalope Plain and Simple

Turkey breast escalope simply coated in crumb.

Pork Escalope Plain and Simple

Lean pork loin simply coated in crumb.

Available on request, our new range of coatings delivers a fresh, new look on our breaded range, simply choose from:

Chilli Breader, Parsley Breader, Wholemeal crumb, Non-fry crumb, Panko-style Japanese crumb, and our original Gristed crumb.


Box Size: 20 portions Turkey 3.4 kg

Boxes per Layer: 12.

Boxes per Pallet: 144.


Box Size: 10 portions Pork 1.8 kg

Boxes per Layer: 16.

Boxes per Pallet: 208.