Light puff pastry casing filled and garnished to deliver a high impact visual dish.

Cooking Instructions

Cook from frozen. Remove wrapper.

Gas mark 7

approx. 30-35 mins

Oven:  Place on a lightly greased baking tray, in pre heated oven at 210º C, gas mark 6- 7, for approximately 30-35 minutes. For best visual presentation, remove and garnish prior to cooking, and replace in the oven for the last 10 minutes of cooking.

Apple & Cider Pork Pie

Braised pork pieces in a sage and Bramley apple sauce, folded in a light puff pastry, capped with diced mixed peppers and parsley.

Beef & Ale

Braised, tender beef lavished with ale based gravy, sealed in a light puff pastry generously garnished with mushrooms and paprika.

Beef Wellington

A prime Beef fillet covered with a rich authentic mushroom duxelle, wrapped in a light pastry, attractively garnished with curry leaves.

Chicken Capri

Chicken mini fillets topped with a rich Mushroom and Brandy sauce encased in a light puff pastry and decorated with sliced Mushrooms and fine Herbs.

Chicken & Chorizo

A Spanish enthused En Croute, with diced Spanish Chorizo and chicken fillets in a light tomato and white wine sauce, covered with light puff pastry, finished with a contrast of red peppers and black olives.

Minted Lamb

Braised leg of lamb in a delicately balanced mint and red wine sauce, enclosed in a light puff pastry, adorned with diced carrot.

Succulent meat, encased in pastry and a delicious sauce.

Each ‘En Croute’ is garnished specially, from olives and paprika, to mushrooms and fresh herbs.

Box Size: 12 pieces ±2.2 kg

Boxes per layer: 12

Boxes per pallet: 144