Our starter and snack range incorporates unique flavour combinations into golden bite-sized portions. Every piece is individually coated with a fine gristed crumb, to give that golden colour and satisfying crunch.

Cooking Instructions:


4 – 4.5 mins

Deep fry: In hot oil (180ºC) for approx. 4 – 4.5
Pulled Pork and variants, such as American Jack Cheese and BBQ Pulled Pork Croquettes.
Duck, shredded and available in several varieties, such as Chinese 5-Spice.
Chicken, available in an array of flavours, from Brazilian inspired Coxinhas, to the popular Indian Aloo Tikki.
Pulled Beef, the newest addition to our snacks and starter range is available on request
Our vegetarian range is extensive, from Vegetable Aloo Tikki, to Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Roquefort and Asparagus to the Welsh Rarebit.

Available on request, we can create an assortment of shapes and sizes for your product, such as balls, croquettes, patties and disks.

Also available on request, our new range of coatings delivers a fresh, new look on our snacks and starter range, simply choose from:

Chilli Breader, Parsley Breader, Wholemeal crumb, Non-fry crumb, Panko-style Japanese crumb, and our original Gristed crumb.

Box Weight: 1.8kg

Boxes per layer: 16.

Boxes per pallet: 208.