A flattened fillet coated in batter and crumb giving a golden brown appearance when cooked.

The Mini chicken escalope provides a flattened chicken fillet coated in southern fried crumb

Cooking Instructions:

Chicken Plain and Simple:


approx 3-4 mins

Deep Fat Fry: In hot oil (170ºC) for approximately 3-4 minutes


frying pan

approx 2 mins

Shallow Fry: In hot oil  / butter for approximately 2 minutes each side, until golden brown.


Chicken Parmigana:

Gas mark 7

approx 20 mins

Oven: Place on a lightly greased baking tray in pre heated oven 220°C, gas mark 6, approx. 20 mins.


Chicken Mini Fillet Southern Fried:

Gas mark 6

approx 20-25 mins

Oven: In a pre-heated oven at 200°C, Gas mark 6, for approx 20-25 minutes.



4-5 mins

Deep Fat Fry: In hot oil for approx 4-5 minutes at 180°C.


Plain and Simple Chicken

Simply coated in crumb

Chicken Parmigana

Coated in crumb with a Parmesan flavour

Chicken mini escalope, southern fried

A flattened chicken fillet coated in southern fried crumb.

Available on request, our new range of coatings delivers a fresh, new look on our breaded range, simply choose from:

Chilli Breader, Parsley Breader, Wholemeal crumb, Non-fry crumb, Panko-style Japanese crumb, and our original Gristed crumb.

Box Size: 10 portions Plain and Simple/ Parmigana 2.1kg.

Boxes per layer: 12.

Boxes per pallet: 144.

Box Size:  20 portions southern fried Mini chicken escalope 2.2kg.

Boxes per layer: 16.

Boxes per pallet: 208.