A range of chicken fillets flavoured and dressed to provide various themes. All individually flow wrapped.

Cooking Instructions:

180 C
Gas mark 4 – 5

30-35 mins

Oven: Remove wrapper and cook on a lightly greased baking sheet at 180 C (Gas mark 4 – 5) for 30 – 35 minutes.


400w – 800w

approx 8 mins

Microwave: Remove wrapper and cook at full power (800w) for 5 minutes, then at medium power (400w) for 3 minutes.



A large chicken breast fillet filled with a blend of cheeses characterised by Colby Jack, smoked ham, onions and chives and finished with a hickory smoked glaze.


A moist boneless chicken fillet with a creamy curry sauce filling, and coated with an aromatic curry sauce, the whole topped with colourful grilled peppers and red onions.

 Italian (pictured)

A large chicken breast fillet coated in a rich sundried tomato and herb glaze, flavoured with a ham and parmesan filling, topped with Mozzarella, spinach and peppers.


A large chicken breast fillet filled with a blend of cheeses, peppers and red beans, coated with spicy Cajun sauce and sprinkled with Mexican crumb, tortilla chips and red peppers.

Hand finished premium chicken fillet stuffed and coated then individually flow wrapped and boxed.

Box Size:  10 pieces chicken fillet 1,9 – 2.4 kg.

Boxes per layer: 16.

Boxes per pallet: 208.